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The Western Hub of Living Essentials (WHOLE), serves as a resource to students who are unable to secure basic needs.  WHOLE strives to offers perishable and nonperishable food, personal care items (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc), clothing and other basic needs.


Studies have shown that nearly a quarter of all university students nationwide face some kind of food insecurity.  In fact, close to 46% of college students responded “True” when asked “The food I bought just didn’t last, and I didn’t have money to get more”.   At Western Washington University, we care about the academic success of our students, and we recognize that students will not be able to focus and be successful in class if they are worried about where their next meal will come from and/or are hungry.  Through the WHOLE, we try to support these students by stocking the food pantry with many options to be inclusive of all dietary needs.  The WHOLE provides instant meal options, vegan/vegetarian options, gluten free options, and other healthy non-perishable goods. Additionally, we have been partnering with the AS Outback to provide perishable goods, such as vegetables.


The WHOLE location in the Viking Union operates as a drop-in pantry, where students can grab items from the pantry, and it is accessible whenever the Viking Union is open. Items at this location include not just food, but also hygiene products and gently-used clothing. Food options include pre-prepared meals, snacks, for “on the go” and also food to take home and prepare.  The Birnam Wood WHOLE location operates kit-style, in that students can pick-up a prepackaged food kit at the front desk. 


The WHOLE is accessed frequently by students and continues to grow as the needs of our students has also increased.  Your donation will allow us to continue to serve our students who are facing basic needs insecurity.  Thank you for your consideration!

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