Dr. David Rystrom Memorial Fund

Dr. David Rystrom Memorial Fund

Dr. David Rystrom worked in WWU’s College of Business for over thirty years teaching Finance and Economics; a subject that truly fascinated him and he loved explaining.  He was proud of his position at the university and he loved teaching.

He was active on campus in every way supporting all of the sports (especially the basketball team). He attending concerts, plays, and operas as much as possible. As a father, he encouraged and supported his children - all of whom found themselves through the playing of instruments, writing, and performing.

Dr. Rystrom supported and believed in artists from all walks of life. He believed that if they could better understand their business practice, they could be empowered to do even greater things.

This memorial scholarship is being created for the Arts Enterprise and Cultural Innovation program in the College of Fine and Performing Arts in honor of Dr. Rystrom. He truly believed that if one was going to get a degree in business, one needed to have a reason for the business.

It is the hope of the friends and family that this scholarship may help a student of the arts to gain crucial education, and be encouraged to do great things in their art.



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