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Help Support WWU Women's Ultimate!

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Help Support WWU Women's Ultimate!


We are a community of about 22 athletes who love one another deeply and this wild, fun sport we play. This year, that love, along with just a sprinkle of hard work and dedication, has led us to qualify for the College National Championship series in Austin, Texas over Memorial Day Weekend. We are incredibly excited for this opportunity to show the world what we have to offer, but we need your help in getting there. Some of the costs players are facing include $600 round trip tickets, $80 tournament fees, food, lodging, and transportation once we reach Austin. These travel costs are unaffordable for many of our teammates, and everyone who has been part of our journey to Nationals deserves to go regardless of their financial status



If you were to walk by one of our practices, you would hear music blaring, and you would see lots of dancing and even more high-fiving shared amongst teammates and our three dedicated coaches who volunteer their time. Our team consumes an average of 3 pickle jars per day per tournament, and we always look forward to homemade cookies after our last game of the weekend. We practice three times per week and travel to about four tournaments throughout the year. We play ultimate because we enjoy each other’s company, being active outside (yes, we even play and dance in the Bellingham rain), and challenging ourselves to grow. This year, our team has focused on learning to be our best selves for our teammates, both in our actions on the field, and in supporting one another in aspects of our daily life, by loving the people in this community as human beings first.



One of the special things about this program is it teaches us to believe in ourselves, to believe in others, and to believe in the outcome of hard-work. As a team, each individual must do their part, but most importantly must also rely on their teammates in cultivate a successful team environment in which we support and lift each other up. We have learned that we really must lift each other to be the best teammates we can be, and actively support people of all identities if we are to accomplish anything in this world. This is what the sport we love teaches us, all the while getting our bodies and brains active outside of the classroom. We have built such a strong community here that supports one another outside of Ultimate Frisbee as well.



We want this community to remain accessible to any and all who wish to join the dance party, and in order to make that possible, we need to be able to support folks financially as we travel to compete at the highest level available to us. The school helps us where they can, but it isn’t enough to cover all our needs. Today, we are asking for you to help us in raising the money we need to get every teammate to Texas for the experience of a lifetime that we have worked so hard for. Thank you for your support! It means the world to us and we appreciate it more than we could ever put into words.


WWU Chaos


If you are interested in ordering Chaos gear, please visit this google form:


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A short pass that helps move the disc to a new section of the field.



A quick change of pace or direction in order to get open to receive the disk down field



The long pass to the other team that instigates the start of the point or game.



A long pass that helps gain a huge amount of yards on the field.



A full body extension in pursuit of the disc, on offense or defense. A bid is basically a player diving, jumping, falling-intentionally, or any above-average attempt to catch the disc. Bidding is one of the best ways to gain style-points in ultimate!



The most coveted play in ultimate, when a player is on defense and catches the disk in their own end zone, usually in a layout move or other form of defensive play, AND SCORES! Usually followed by their teammates rushing the field and chanting their name.

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