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Black people face unique and systemic barriers to succeeding in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These barriers contribute to the historical and ongoing underrepresentation in undergraduate and graduate STEM programs and in STEM careers. Last year, in recognition of these unique barriers and motivated by the 2020 protests in support of Black Lives Matter, College of Science and Engineering faculty members raised $25,000 and established an endowment fund to support Black students in STEM. Thank you to those of you who generously supported this effort!

This February, coinciding with Black History Month, we re-launched the campaign to raise additional funds in order to increase the amount of support for the scholastic and research aspirations of Black undergraduate and graduate STEM students.  The initial $25,000 raised this summer generated enough money to establish a fund that will live on in perpetuity. Every additional gift that takes us above and beyond this goal will enable even more students to receive financial support this fall. Through this scholarship, we can make an impact on the educational goals of Black students at WWU for generations to come.

Thank you for joining us in making a difference!

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