International Student & Study Abroad Support

Support the Critical Exchange of Students Internationally, Both To and From WWU!

International Student & Study Abroad Support

International Student Support

Western hosts 100-200 international and exchange students each year, on F-1 and J-1 visas. These students come from over 35 countries, contributing valuable and diverse perspectives to our campus and community.  They also help financially support WWU as well as the local community. 

International students at WWU pay non-resident tuition, and do not qualify for U.S. federal financial aid. They have very limited access to scholarships and are not generally authorized to work off campus. They do not have the safety network that domestic students have. Many families make huge sacrifices to fund their children’s education in the U.S. because they believe in our educational system. 

Some of the issues that cause financial challenges include:

  • currency devaluation in many countries, relative to the U.S. dollar
  • parents losing employment and going through financial hardship
  • natural catastrophe or economic crises back home
  • loss of home-country government scholarship
  • visas restrict international students from working off campus

COVID-19 pandemic expenses

  • increased technology needs and costs to access virtual learning
  • immigration uncertainties requiring unplanned travel arrangements
  • increased cost of airfare, delays, cancellations, and testing/quarantine

Read how donations to the International Student Support Fund have already helped one student overcome challenges and complete her degree

Study Abroad Support

The international crisis of COVID-19 has reinforced that the greatest challenges facing our world are not bound by borders, constrained by continents, or solved in societal silos. To tackle worldwide challenges, the leaders of tomorrow will need a worldwide education today. WWU students who study abroad can be these future leaders, but they need your help. 

The world is on lockdown, but not for long. Soon, students will be faced with enormous financial obstacles to safely travel, learn, and participate in transformational study abroad experiences. These opportunities will soon be out of reach for students already struggling to afford their education, but not if you can help.

Please consider a gift to support Education Abroad Scholarships today! The first $1,000 in gifts will be matched dollar for dollar by Lee Sternberger and Craig Shealy to inspire support and increase the number of students who can access transformational study abroad experiences!

Photo of Kendrick Jackson

"This opportunity of studying abroad is something that I didn't see coming for me, as a student of multiple marginalized identities. While abroad, I hope to make a positive impact in the community, to continue to invest in my education through adding diverse experiences to it, and to fully experience my trip that I am incredibly grateful to be taking apart of." 

 - Kendrick Jackson, Sociology and Human Services Major 

Learn about these programs and more at WWU's Institute for Global Engagement's (IGE) website!

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