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The College values engagement in its approach to education, research and service. We value active faculty engagement with students. Engagement with industry advisory committees helps inform curricula and other course decisions, keeping our content relevant and preparing graduates to participate and lead in their areas of study. Faculty engagement with other academics in their fields is also encouraged. We value staff guidance and engagement with students. We also encourage and promote students with organizations in the region, gaining practical experience and a broader perspective and purpose as we value the broader community to which we belong.

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Your gift will help to provide the best possible learning experience and the latest in knowledge and professional readiness for students by supporting scholarships, cutting edge technology and information access, as well as faculty and program support.


College Funding Priorities

At Western Washington University and the College of Business and Economics we acknowledge the need for our college and the business community at large to become more diverse, inclusive and effective. BIPOC populations face unique and systemic barriers to succeeding in business. These barriers contribute to an underrepresentation in undergraduate and graduate business programs, and in business focused careers. 

We're creating the CBE Students of Color Opportunity Scholarship to support members of BIPOC communities through financial support. This scholarship will be awarded to a College of Business and Economics major or pre-major who is a member of the BIPOC community. 

Our initial goal is to raise $25,000 to establish an endowment fund that will support the academic and professional aspirations of BIPOC students. Initial funding has been provided by the CBE Dean’s office to begin this crucial effort.

With this scholarship we can, together, make an impact on the educational goals of BIPOC students at WWU’s College of Business and Economics for years to come. Please join us in this vision by making a donation today! Thank you.


Departments and Special Projects

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  • This year most proceeds will go to the critical learning needs of our students and for scholarships to help students with tuition, fees, and housing both immediately and into the next year. Additionally, we are looking for continued support to increase analytical and writing skills within our Accounting classes.

Finance & Marketing

  • Your donation will help us to fund student scholarships and provide needed support for program and club activities - like student travel to case competitions, job fairs, finance and leadership conferences, corporate site visits, and more. 

  • Enhance the activities offered by the Financial Management Association (FMA) club to further the careers of finance students.

  • Provide faculty with important research and teaching resources.

  • Engage with alumni and industry experts; connect students to career opportunities.

"I am incredibly blessed to be part of a program that provides direct access to advisors, faculty, and staff that have an authentic and genuine desire to help students achieve extraordinary success. This department is consistently creating resources and opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals and has allowed me the flexibility to tailor my strongest attributes to best fit my desired career path."

Abigale Coleman - Marketing Student

Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems (MIS) program at Western Washington University (WWU) is thriving. To prepare our students for their careers, our program provides a solid foundation of concepts and skills, combined with hands-on assignments and projects. The classwork is supplemented with extracurricular opportunities to promote "professional readiness." The job placement for our MIS students has been outstanding.

  • We rely on donations to provide extracurricular activities to enhance the professional development of our MIS students.  Your support will be especially important during the upcoming year as funding will be a challenge for many of our students.  
  • Examples of activities during the past year include a MIS alumni panel, an interactive panel focusing on internships, visits with industry leaders, and engagement with industry organizations.  

MSCM & Operations

​"The ASCM national conference is currently the largest gathering of Supply Chain professionals. This is an opportunity that would allow us to further develop ourselves professionally and gain valuable knowledge from Supply Chain leaders. The conference would allow us to build new relationships with industry professionals and other Supply Chain students. The conference covers many educational topics, such as the aspects of the extended supply chain; plan, source, make, deliver, return...We would like to thank everyone that is able to donate to this cause, we consider it an investment in our future." - APICS Officer

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