Arlan Norman Award for Excellence in Mentorship

Arlan Norman Award for Excellence in Mentorship

Dr. Arlan Norman, beloved founding Dean of the College of Sciences and Technology (now College of Science and Engineering) passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, July 31, surrounded by his loving family. 

Arlie impacted the lives of family, friends, students and colleagues. Throughout his life, he worked to inspire the best in innovation, curiosity and excellence in science education. Please consider honoring his memory with a gift to The Arlan Norman Award for Excellence.


The Arlan Norman Award for Excellence has two aspects. First, it recognizes a faculty member in the College of Science and Engineering for excellence in mentoring student research. Based upon that faculty member's nomination, a financial award is made to that faculty member's student in the form of a stipend, with additional funds for supplies to support the student recipient’s summer research.

Faculty member recognition:

A faculty member will be recognized for excellence in mentoring graduate or undergraduate student research. Preference is given to graduate student mentoring. The faculty awardee will have a demonstrated record of mentoring student research as evidenced by student co-authored conference presentations, student co-authored peer reviewed publications in high quality journals and proceedings, and other evidence of student success such as research awards, fellowships, etc. 

Student recognition:

The faculty awardee will select a student from their research group (preferably a graduate student) to receive funds for research associated with this award based upon demonstrated merit and outstanding promise in their student research.

Nominations will be made by the Department Chairs or Program Directors each winter/spring with the award made preferably during Scholars Week. Awardee selection will be in accordance with an approved process by the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering and the Dean of the Graduate School. Each department and program may nominate more than one faculty member.

Award: student stipend at approximately $7200 plus an additional $1,000 faculty stipend.

This fund was near and dear to Arlie's heart and is truly a fitting tribute to his legacy. It was Arlie’s hope that this fund would grow to a level that would allow for an additional award for outstanding undergraduate mentors, thereby creating an award for both graduate and undergraduate faculty members and students in the sciences.

This award is one of the most important for the College of Science and Engineering, and receives University-wide recognition as a Presidential award for faculty members. It lives on in perpetuity in Arlie’s name as a true testament to his life’s work: promoting, supporting, and celebrating excellence in research.

If you wish to make a gift in Arlie's memory, please click the "Give Now" button at the top of this page. Thank you.

Past Recipients:

2021 Mark Bussell (faculty) and Michael Sam Baldwin (student), Chemistry

2020 Robert Mitchell (faculty) and James Robinson, Geology

2019 Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez (faculty) and Nathaniel Guilford (student), Biology

2018 James Vyvyan (faculty) and Evangeline Starchman (student), Chemistry

2017 Clint Spiegel (faculty) and Ian Smith (student), Chemistry

2016 Susan DeBari (faculty), and Rebecca Morris (student), Geology

2015 David Patrick (faculty), and Ryan Sumner (student), Chemistry

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