The Western Fund

You can make an immediate difference for students today!

The Western Fund

The Western Fund supports all aspects of the University, including critical needs as they arise, and furthers the overarching University mission of increasing student success in and after college. 

Many students face hardships during or going to college and we want to be able to lower those barriers to allow great students to come to WWU despite a potential lack of resources. The Western Fund helps supplement numerous scholarships to ensure Western remains a fair and equitable campus for bright students, regardless of their level of need. The Western Fund ensures students from all backgrounds have a seat at the table in this way. We want to attract amazing and diverse students to Western.

Additionally, the Western Fund helps provide for research opportunities, conferences, field research, networking opportunities, needed equipment and much more. Please help create those crucial career-building experiences by giving to the Western Fund. Investing in the Western Fund means investing in Western students and thus a better world, as our alumni and faculty continue to make a global difference because of their WWU degrees and program experience. 

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