The Mitch Evich Bellringer Memorial Scholarship

$27,025 raised so far in memory of Mitch. 
Please help us honor his legacy by supporting this scholarship for Journalism students!

The Mitch Evich Bellringer Memorial Scholarship

In life and on the page, Mitch Evich had an eye for detail, drama and irony.  He died Christmas Morning, 2021 — a poignant touch for a writer who loved a powerful ending.

Mitch left us far too soon, at 60, of Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Our goal in establishing this fund will be to keep his ideals and energy alive in a tangible, forever way.

Mitch was a Bellingham native and proud graduate of Western Washington University. He  earned his B.A. in journalism in 1984 and pursued careers in New England in reporting, editing and fiction writing. He lived near Boston with his wife, Paula and their two children, Andryc and Iris.

At Western, Mitch was a dynamo of journalism and scholarship. The son of two local educators, Bettyjane and Mitchell, Sr., the Sehome High School grad read voraciously, debated tirelessly and held key posts at the Western Front (now known as The Front), eager to burnish its stellar reputation among college newspapers. 

He was a fearless opinion writer.  His commentaries in support of Western’s beleaguered football team were informed by history, ethics and political philosophy, placing a seemingly parochial issue on the grandest stage of the human experience. Such was Mitch.

He made a splash at The Front from the start, winning the Bellringer Award, which in the past was given annually to the top newcomer to the paper. In the spirit of encouraging talented young journalists to continue in the field, this scholarship restarts and endows the Bellringer Award, ensuring permanent funding for an annual prize of $1,000+ in honor of Mitch. This award will grow as more people give.

Contributions to the fund will go toward rewarding newcomers to The Front who embody the promise and passion displayed by our dear friend and colleague Mitch. 

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