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Geology Microscope Fundraiser

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Last chance to help with microscopes!

June 29, 2017

Thanks to everyone who has so generously donated to help the WWU geology department raise money for new microscopes!  The fundraiser ends in tomorrow (Friday, 6/30).  We're doing well, but we still need $22K more to reach our goal.  Please help spread the word, and give if you can.  Thanks!

WWU Geology kicks in - we're getting close!

June 20, 2017

The WWU Geology Department has just contributed $30,000 towards this project – getting us that much closer to our $88,000 goal! We just secured our first $30,000 in private donations and with the Geology Department’s $30k, we are only $28,000 away from purchasing the microscopes! Please give today!

25% of the way there!

June 08, 2017

Things are going great!  We're 25% of the way to our goal, and we've got over 150 different donors supporting our goal.  A special thanks goes out to Misha Collins who has broadcast our project to a huge network of Supernatural fans.  Thanks, Misha!  Here's a copy of his facebook post to his fans - it's worth the read if you can take all the geology puns.  If this inspires you to dig a little deeper or forward this to new folks, that's great!  Thanks again for your support


Hey, guys… I have a big favor to ask of you:

The students at Western Washington University are studying hard so they can one day conduct groundbreaking geological research, but through no fault of their own their petrology and petrography studies are being inhibited by a lack of modern equipment! My good friend, WWU professor Pete Stelling, tells me that their microscopes are 50 years old! As you can imagine, that kind of schist can be really tuff for them to work with.

As you may remember, Pete is the world-renowned bicycle geologist that helped me with my Random Acts E4K. He’s a down-to-earth guy who I genuinely dig, so of quartz I want to help him— and after hearing how the students sulfur with such dated equipment, well… let’s just say I’d have a heart of stone at my core if I didn’t take up the mantle and add this to my slate.

So I’m hoping you'll join me chipping in to this little underground fundraiser to help them get the equipment they need.

While I don’t take it for granite that everyone can contribute, whether you can donate a little ore a lot it would be really gneiss if you can help. At the risk of sounding sedimental, I’d be sodalite-d if we can aggregate enough funds to get the students some new microscopes.

I’d keep going, but I think I’ve hit rock bottom and have mined this joke for all it’s worth. Please donate if you can.

Thanks, guys… you ROCK.

Thanks for your support

June 08, 2017
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Almost $20,000!

June 02, 2017

Wow, we've really got a lot of support for the Geology department and we're gaining a lot of ground toward our goal of 25 new microscopes.  Thanks so much to everyone who has donated already.  Fifty-one donors so far, from $5 to $5,000.  We need to keep going, so if you know someone who might be interested in supporting our cause, please pass along the information and the web site.  And again, thank you SO much for your support.


Nearly $10,000!

June 01, 2017

We're nearly at $10,000 at 1 pm on the first day of the Geology Microscope fundraiser!  Thanks so much for your contributions and your support.  We need to keep this progress going in order to purchase all the needed microscopes, so if haven't yet donated, please take this opportunity to support Western Geology.  If you've already given - THANK YOU! - and if you know anyone who would be interested in supporting Western Geology, please pass our information along.

Thanks again!


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