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Welcome to the Application for a VikingFunder Campaign and Page! 

VikingFunder is a crowdfunding site managed through the WWU foundation annual giving team to allow students, faculty, staff, or alumni to propose and accomplish a crowdfunding fundraiser.

While 100% of the money raised on the VikingFunder platform goes to the projects, gifts made on the platform are treated as gifts to Western Washington University Foundation. 

They are tax-deductible under the Western Foundation’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Gifts go through Western’s online giving, gift processing, receipting, and recording protocols. Therefore, use of the platform is restricted to projects that meet the following eligibility criteria:

1) Projects must have a Western advisor (faculty member, staff member, or officially-recognized student organization.) and approval from the respective Dean or department chair.

2) Funds raised must be used under the supervision of the Western advisor. (This means that campaigns raising money that will be passed along to other non-profits are *not* eligible to use the Western crowdfunding platform.) 

3) Academic campaigns may need approval from a director of development. 

Campaigns not meeting any of the above mentioned criteria will not be eligible. Meeting these main criteria does not guarantee a crowdfunding campaign will be approved.

Thank you for taking the time to help us learn more about your project so we can work together to hopefully put together a plan that will make your campaign successful and provide the funding you are looking for!

Tell us about yourself


Tell us about your project

Is your project tied to a specific event? Is it time sensitive?

Most campaigns raise under $5000 so be realistic based on your network and expected audience!

Who are you? What are you raising money for? What is the impact or importance? Why give?


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