Western Parents and Families

$33,964 raised by parents for student success so far this year.

The Western Family Is Not Just Our Alumni...

Proud WWU parents have been fundamental to our success and allowed us to become the unique accomplished university that we are today.  

Western parents care, and many that can, want to invest in the experience of their student and their fellow students who share their path. Together as a family we make Western better year after year. If you are a WWU parent you ca help support areas of high need on campus through the Western Parents and Families Fund, or support just the specific area's most Western Parents care about such as the career center and counseling services via the Parents Program. You can also choose to help students in need with non-academic crisis costs that can affect one's education such as rent and food by giving to the Student Emergency Fund. 

The Western Parents and Families Fund was established to support the greatest's needs on campus for current students. This mainly includes scholarships, undergraduate research, and campus upgrades. This helps students stay in school, get the tools they need, and have unique opportunities to be in the field while still in school. The Fund is also celebrated as a demonstration of Parent's love for what their Western students are becoming as they grow through college by supporting important areas on WWU Give Day by providing exciting matching fund to inspire

The Parents Program fund was created by WWU families to provide needed support for career services, outreach programs, and family programs, such as Fall Family Weekend and "Back 2 Bellingham"! Gifts to the Parent’s Program are an investment in your student and their peers, providing resources for:

- WWU’s Counseling Center to help students “choose to flourish” through stress management workshops and facilitated support groups for students from all backgrounds.

- Academic advising, tutoring and career coaching to help students choose a major that suits their talents and interests, and help them graduate on-time.

- Career preparation activities such as job fairs, graduate school fairs, employer visits and internship connections.

- Leadership activities to build the soft skills that are so attractive to employers.

- Parent outreach and activities 

Your gift in addition to the many other ways you have invested in your child’s education is truly transformational. 

If every family gave just $50 we’d have nearly one million dollars to dedicate to student success! State and tuition dollars unfortunately can't do it all. It’s because of the whole Western family that WWU attracts national attention and investment.

Thank You!

Resources For Parents:

Family Connection Newsletter 

New Student Services & Family Outreach Website 

The Career Center provides resources such as the Career Closet to outfit students for interviews for free in clothes they get to keep!


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