Undocumented Student Support

Undocumented Student Support



The goal of this crowdfunding effort is to raise funds to support Undocumented students at Western Washington University as they work towards their degree and to bring awareness to the overall struggles and hurdles faced by the undocumented community.

Through conversations with students, faculty, staff and University leadership, two funds have been established to help meet the pressing needs of undocumented students.

Undocumented Students Resource Fund—From help with tuition, DACA registration fees (if DACA continues to exist!) to housing and food emergencies, this fund was recently established to help meet the critical needs of undocumented students as they arise.  This way, these students can focus on being successful in school instead of worrying about how to find money to address an emergency situation. So many students at Western come from varying backgrounds and have pressing needs that we are working to address, but undocumented students have additional barriers they must overcome in order to be successful as they pursue their dreams of a College education.  We estimate that 30 students per year could face an emergency of some sort that could be solved with a $500-$1000 micro grant from this fund.  Our goal is to establish a pool of at least $15,000 per year to bridge the gap and help undocumented students succeed at Western. 

Learning Without Borders Scholarship--This scholarship is dedicated specifically for Undocumented students and will be awarded to a deserving student each spring.  Our goal is to grow the scholarship so that more than one scholarship can be awarded out of this fund.  These students desperately need scholarship support.  They do not qualify for federal financial aid and while they are eager and willing to work hard to make their way through school, finding jobs can be very difficult for this group of students.

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